A musical castle — Punta Christo Fort welcomes the festival of Slurp!

"The fort of Punta Christo was an important military stronghold during Istria’s history. Luckily, today its defensive walls serve as profound scenery for festivals like ‘Slurp!’ For those not in the know, this electronic music festival will stage four separate concerts, each held in a different summer month. The first is due on June 15th.

'Slurp!' welcomes only the best DJs from the domestic scene, but also foreign guests who do well with disco gear. The star of the initial concert will be Petar Dundov, who will be assisted by Make, Bebetto, Adoo and Ziko. Lovers of electronic music have no choice but to leave for Pula, if not in June, then in July, August or September 2013.”

-Sinke, LikeCroatia.com contributor


Photo credit: Goran Telak / CROPIX Agency

Check out what Slurp! looked like last year.

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